Comprehensive Industrial and Commercial Services

Our company specializes in a wide array of industrial and commercial services, ensuring excellence and satisfaction for our clients. Here’s a concise overview of our key offerings and strategic collaborations:

Core Services:

  • Supervision during Construction Phase: Overseeing construction projects to ensure successful outcomes.
  • Testing and Inspections: Rigorous tests and inspections across various industries, utilizing innovative equipment for large-size 3D scanning.
  • Technical Audits and Expediting Visits: Conducting technical audits and expediting visits to ensure compliance and expedite project timelines.
  • Commissioning and Pre-Commissioning: Playing a crucial role in the commissioning process for seamless transitions.
  • Design/Engineering and Project Management: Offering comprehensive design and engineering solutions coupled with efficient project management.
  • Documentation Control and Translation: Managing documentation processes and providing interpretation and translation services (English-Polish, Polish-English).

Successful Collaboration with Inspection Agencies:

  • Partnerships with renowned inspection agencies like INTERTEK, BUREAU VERITAS, APPLUS VELOSI, and more.
  • Successful case studies highlighting positive outcomes from collaborations.

Consortium with HMS Sp. z o.o.:

  • Collaborative ventures with HMS Sp. z o.o. since 2020, showcasing achievements and joint projects.

Expansion into Anti-Corrosion Services:

  • Strategic decision to expand services in anti-corrosion since 2020, backed by accreditation for laboratory activities.
  • Comprehensive testing services for corrosion resistance, humidity resistance, and more.

Distribution and Retail Operations:

  • Official distributor for brands like KEMPPI, SPARTUS, TYROLIT, VIGOL, engaging in wholesale and retail of industrial goods.
  • Offering theoretical and practical training, certification support, and outsourcing production staff.

Quality Management and Certifications:

  • Implementation of ISO 9001 for a robust quality management system.
  • Team of specialists with industry-recognized certifications, ensuring continuous development and service expansion.

In conclusion, our company’s success lies in a holistic approach to customer satisfaction, quality assurance, and strategic collaborations, making us a reliable partner in the industrial and commercial services sector.

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